It has always been my belief that art is about presenting an individual’s unique perception of the world for others to interpret and enjoy. Every inhabitant of this Earth has a unique view of their surroundings and as a watercolor still-life painter, I have found the perfect vehicle for presenting my particular interpretation of the world to others.

Although I am currently in the midst of a watercolor floral series, it is also not unusual for me to paint mundane subjects such as locks, keys, plumbing fixtures, or other objects whose beauty is often overlooked. I am fascinated by the shadows, subtle colors, and gradations that the eye perceives when it carefully scrutinizes our surroundings.

My ultimate goal as an artist is to encourage the viewers of my work to become intensely aware of the spectacularity of the world that surrounds us and to challenge them to look deeper into the colors and shadows that create the landscapes of our world.

Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness – © Ken Powers

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