I am very selective about the charities and organizations to which I donate artwork and I really have to be impressed by the work they do and their ultimate goals. This is a partial list of organizations to which I have contributed artwork for silent auctions and fund raising purposes. I encourage you to stop by their websites, show your support, or even consider donating to their causes.

Ryan United (Helena, MT)
Life Christian Academy (Tacoma, WA)
Library For All (New York, NY)
Calif. Fire Foundation (Sacramento, CA)
#TwitterArtExhibit (Worldwide)
Children’s Bibliothèque (Moss, Norway)
Women’s Crisis Shelter (Moss, Norway)
Home-Start Moss (Moss, Norway)
Art Division (Los Angeles, CA)
CCD Special Needs Classes (Orlando, FL)

Olimometer 2.52

Value of Artwork
Donated Since 2010

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