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Check Samples OneThose who have been following my work and artistic career over the years know that I am very selective about the formats in which my watercolor artwork is available. I have always felt that taking my fine art paintings and modifying them for use on shirts, key chains, or coffee mugs would detract from the care with which they were originally composed and rendered. Until recently, I limited my watercolor artwork’s availability to originals, fine-art giclée prints, and a few greeting cards. However, early in December 2012 I was presented with a very intriguing proposition.

I was contacted via e-mail by a representative of Wisconsin-based in reference to possibly having me design a series of personal custom bank checks for a new series of Licensed Artist products that they were planning to introduce. As I mentioned before, I am very selective about how my artwork is used and I would normally have immediately discounted the idea of using the work on personal checks. However, the e-mail the company sent also included a couple rough samples created with some low-res images from my website. The sample images looked great and it even looked as if my work was perfectly composed for this purpose.

Check AdvantageAfter a few hours of consideration, I decided that a limited selection of my artwork might be perfect for this format. I agreed to design 9 sets of checks for the company, signed the contracts, and began to get to work. The odd aspect ratio of a personal check makes it a bit more difficult to modify existing portrait oriented pieces so I stuck with paintings that were already in a landscape orientation. It took a bit of Photoshop work to make everything fit properly but I am really pleased with the end results.

Working with the staff at was extremely pleasant. Their art director was very friendly and helpful through all the steps of the process and their copywriter did an amazing job with the biography they chose to post on the company’s website. The company has represented themselves in an extremely professional and friendly manner and their customer service and interaction is equally as impressive. The company plans to add more creatives to their Licensed Artist series of custom bank checks as the project progresses so I encourage you to continue to stop by the Licensed Artist section of their website to see how this line of products evolves.

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  • Dai Wynn January 27, 2013

    Congratulations Ken. These cheque designs are superb. What a wonderful compliment to you to be asked to something so innovative. Perhaps this exercise will lead to improved exposure and well deserved public acclaim.

    • Ken Powers January 28, 2013

      Thank you Dai! I appreciate the kind words of support and encouragement. It was nice to be asked to be involved with such a unique project. The CheckAdvantage company is really amazing and they have the full support of their CEO to grow their Licensed Artist program. They have tentative plans to have the program evolve into an artist community and forum in the future. They found me through my website so that is another testament to why artists need to have sites with decent SEO and increased visibility. This site’s visibility has definitely led to some interesting opportunities.

  • Theresa LaBrecque January 28, 2013

    Congrats Ken for having the courage to go for it, and thank you for telling us about it. Your art looks fantastic on the checks. I love having passive income, when you go to the mail box and find license checks instead of bills… may you have many.


    • Ken Powers January 28, 2013

      Thank you Theresa! Passive income is definitely the key! I also think it is nice when artists share parts of their journey and experiences. I enjoy reading about interesting distribution avenues other artists have used as ideas for my own promotion and I think it is important to share those ideas for the betterment of the community. I think the CheckAdvantage company plans to expand their Licensed Artist program in the future and it will create some amazing opportunities. The program is in its infancy but they has some big plans. I have already seen increased web traffic due to the exposure on their site and I know they are planning to have email campaigns and some special events as well.

  • Enzie Shahmiri February 2, 2013

    Congratulations Ken! I am contacting them as well to see if they might be interested in my pet portraits. I absolutely love this idea!

    • Ken Powers February 2, 2013

      Thank you Enzie! Contacting them is a great idea. I know they are growing the program and have big plans for its development. They are talking about creating an artist community/forum and even possibly having some group exhibitions, etc… They have a lot of great ideas and the full support of their CEO. The wide reach of their marketing and email campaigns are going to prove to be very beneficial as well.

  • Shannon Grissom February 3, 2013

    Congratulations Ken!

    • Ken Powers February 3, 2013

      Thank you very much Shannon! It was a fun project!

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