Selling Art Online – Pt 11 – Flipboard

FlipboardAs this series of blog posts progresses and works to refine, update, condense, and improve the information in my “The Art of Social-Network Marketing” book, you will begin to see that I am always searching for new ways to present my artwork to the general public. Placing my artwork in front of as many eyes as possible is paramount to my online marketing strategy’s success. Some of my experiments fail while others have been very successful and beginning early in 2014 I started to experiment with a new way to create a viewership for my artwork that I had previously completely ignored.

As an iPhone user, I have frequently seen the Flipboard application receive rave reviews and constant Apple promotion. Apple, at varying times in the past, has even called Flipboard an essential app to have on your mobile device. I always viewed the app as a simple news aggregator so I only briefly tried it to see what all the hype was about. About a year after trying the application, however, I discovered that users can create their own content to populate the application’s format.

The Flipboard magazine format is really pretty ingenious since it allows users to view content in a magazine-style layout where pages can be flipped and the overall user experience is very familiar to the reader. Additionally, readers can subscribe to magazines, share articles, or collect articles in their own magazines.

I had previously experimented with Google Currents which follows a similar formula but I had very limited success. The Flipboard version, however, is successfully building my readership and adding/updating content is extremely easy. In fact, you don’t even need to have the Flipboard mobile app to create your own magazines.

Simply navigate to the Flipboard Editor, click “Create Magazine,” and begin adding content. There is even a Flipboard Bookmarklet and Chrome Browser Extension available to make adding content while browsing a simple matter. After you begin creating a magazine, you can select your cover image and even rearrange articles to suit your desires. Sharing your magazine can be accomplished from the editor or from the cover page of the magazine itself and readers can view your content from the Flipboard app or from a standard web browser.

My Flipboard Magazine contains nearly all my blog articles as well as images that link to my Fine Art America Print Fulfillment Site. At the present time, the traffic generated from the service hasn’t been huge but I have seen it building over the course of the last couple months.

I am excited to see how this unique way to present artwork and articles progresses as I monitor traffic numbers and conversions. If you are utilizing Flipboard, feel free to post a link to your own Flipboard Magazine in the comment section below. I would be interested in seeing how readers of this blog implement the service as a marketing tool.

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  • Tim Watson March 10, 2014

    Thanks for the continually great information. This is a service I had never heard of before. I am going to try it out!

    • Ken Powers March 10, 2014

      Glad to help Tim! I am just trying to share what has and hasn’t worked for me with my fellow artists. Let me know how this one works out for you. Best of luck!

  • Linda Eichorst March 12, 2014

    Thanks for the info. I am a true blue fan of all things Apple, and do intend to try this out.

    • Ken Powers March 13, 2014

      This is definitely a fun one Linda! And….it is so easy to keep updated with your latest content. Best of luck!

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