The Art of Social-Network Marketing

Over the last few years, I have been receiving virtually daily e-mails from fellow artists who are having difficulties selling their work online. The subjects of these letters range from simple requests for technical assistance to inquiries about my approach to the online marketing of my paintings. Those who have requested my assistance know that I am always ready to lend a helping hand if it is within my range of expertise. Having an extensive computer science background, I am fully aware of the complications modern websites and social-networks can create. These complications always seem to become exponential when a person is attempting to finally present and sell their lovingly created artwork to the world for the first time. Whenever I can lend a helpful tip to a frustrated correspondent, I do. Because of the number of emails I receive pertaining to these types of subjects, it made me realize that there are very few books available that clearly and concisely present an uncomplicated method for marketing artwork, products, and services online.

Because of the confusing nature and general lack of availability of this type of information, I began the long arduous task of writing a book that presents a clear non-intrusive philosophy for marketing artwork and other products through the Internet. I have always felt that the most effective use of social-networks for marketing revolves around driving traffic from these services to a central storefront where products and artwork can be directly purchased. I decided to make the book’s primary focus a basic road-map for developing followers in various social-media services and how to utilize cross-promotional techniques. By aiding other artists in the visibility and marketing of their artwork or products, in turn one increases the visibility of their own work. Within this established network, everyone gets to benefit from increased visibility, and therefore, increased purchasing potential. The added bonus is that one gets to view great new artwork and products from a close group of friends on a daily basis!

I am pleased to announce that the book is finally finished. It is 147 pages and I self-published it through It will soon be available in, Barnes & Noble, and various other book re-sellers in print form. I decided to call it The Art of Social-Network Marketing because of its main focus. It can currently be purchased in print or as a PDF document through and also in e-reader formats through the iBookstore, Amazon for Kindle store, and the Barnes & Noble Nook store.

If you are interested, more information can be found at the following website:

The Art of Social-Network Marketing Website

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  • social networking entertainment August 23, 2012

    First of all I want to congratulate you on publishing your book! Since last few days I was facing few technical issues on submitting my products & services on social media network. Your book is vital for me & all those peoples who are facing annoying technical issues! Thanks a lot for spending time to write & publish such a useful book!

  • Ken Powers August 23, 2012

    Thank you for the kind words! I am glad you were able to find the information helpful!

  • Maddie November 30, 2012

    Would you say that the mobile phone is one of the best and most affective ways in which to progress with network marketing but one that not many people are using?

    p.s. you can also use the apps for social networking?

    • Ken Powers November 30, 2012

      I agree that mobile is one of the most effective ways to market and social-network. In fact 90% of my social media interaction occurs through my smart phone. Couple that with the fact that 30% of my art sales occur through or originate through mobile avenues and I think it becomes clear very quickly that mobile social-networking is a very valuable tool. I think this is the year when a lot of small business marketers are eyeing responsive mobile websites and mobile social networking as key focal points as statistics begin to show continually increasing mobile e-commerce. It has even been said that mobile devices are beginning to overtake laptop and desktop computer usage. Interesting stuff!

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