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Twitter Bike - Twitter Art Exhibit OrlandoIt is once again the time of year when the official “Call For Artists” for the next Twitter Art Exhibit is released. If you haven’t read the interesting history of this amazing yearly charitable event, make sure to read my previous Twitter Art Exhibit article that chronicles the brainchild of Norwegian artist David Sandum.

The fourth Twitter Art Exhibit event is slated to be held 20 March 2014 in Orlando, Florida USA at the CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery. The organization to receive 100% of the proceeds from the exhibition is the Center For Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes. The non-profit organization is dedicated to dance education and outreach while providing customized exercises designed to expand students’ range of motion, creativity, and social skills. Additionally, class work is created to enhance memorization, problem-solving, and communication.

Twitter Flower - Twitter Art Exhibit OrlandoThis year’s exhibition is being organized and curated by artist Robin Maria Pedrero. Robin can be followed through Twitter at @robinpedrero and continually updated information about the charitable event can be found through @twitrartexhibit. The large volume of artwork contributed to the charitable exhibition makes this job an enormous undertaking that requires many volunteers and hundreds of hours of donated time and effort. Each piece of work is photographed, cataloged, labeled, added to the Twitter Art Exhibit website and prepared to be exhibited.

If you are an artist who utilizes the Twitter social media network to communicate with fans, friends, and other artists and would like to participate in the event, visiting the Call For Artists page will always present the latest information and requirements. The two postcard-sized pieces of watercolor artwork that I created for the exhibition can be seen on this page. If you have already donated work to the event, feel free to post a link to the images in the comment section below.

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Comments (7)
  • Sue Pownall September 10, 2013

    Love your submission!

    • Ken Powers September 21, 2013

      Thank you very much Sue! I appreciate the kind words!

  • Tim Swanson September 11, 2013

    Thanks for the great info!

  • Grace McKee January 29, 2014

    Thanks for the information.

    • Ken Powers January 29, 2014

      No problem Grace! The #TwitterArtExhibit is doing such fantastic work that it is great to be a part of it and spread the word!

  • AmaSilyS February 1, 2014

    Great post! I’d like to buy your bicycle… 😉 Hugs!!!

    • Ken Powers February 1, 2014

      Thank you! That was a fun little piece to paint. A lot of people seem to like it so I hope it sells at the event. I think the springs in the seat are my favorite part.

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